Mantua 345003 HO 2-6-6-2 Norfolk & Western Steam Loco w/Tender-DCC Ready

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Features: Diecast Chassis, Cylinders and Wheels with Nickel Rims Brass Details Lighted MC-94 Can Motor Replaceable Brass Bearings Knuckle Coupler w/Springs Metal Handrails Limited Lifetime Warranty

FEATURES: DCC ready (9 pin plug).
Heavy duty MC-94 can motor produces quiet low speed operation.
Brass flywheel drive.
12 wheel drive.
Twin idler gear boxes.
2 full working valve gears.
Electrical pick up on tender.
Heavy die cast chassis.
Die cast cylinders.
Die cast wheels with nickel rims.
Replaceable brass bearings.
Metal handrails, posts and side rods.
3 piece brass bell.
Front and rear diode lighting.
Knuckle couplers with coil springs.
Accurately molded body shells prototypically painted Black with
crisp Gold print: Norfolk And Western, 1192.
Comes with a plastic railer to guide the locomotive onto the rails.