Kato 302006 HO NS SD80MAC w/ Maxi-IV Unitrack Starter Set

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Every hobby begins with a single step; start off on the right foot with a Kato UNITRACK Starter Set! Each starter set comes with a complete 4'x7' oval of track, a Kato Power Pack, a locomotive, rolling stock, a re-railer, and an instruction book on how to assemble and care for your new Starter Set. From then on, the sky's the limit thanks to UNITRACK's modular snap-track design. Build a complex basement layout, or keep it simple so that you can take it out in evenings; anything is possible with UNITRACK!

You can expand your new starter set with Kato's wide range of available individually carded HO Unitrack (available in both wooden tie and Concrete tie variations) or by using our Boxed HO Variation Sets to build upon your new layout!

 HO Unitrack Starter Set - EMD SD80MAC Norfolk Southern with Gunderson MAXI-IV Well Car
HO EMD SD80MAC Locomotive in Norfolk Southern "Horsehead" paint
HO Gunderson MAXI-IV 3-unit articulated Well Car set
HO HV5 4' x 7' Unitrack Oval with Rerailer
Kato Power Pack
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